Cycle of organic waste in cities is inefficient

Bio waste management is still not energy efficient and continues to produce a lot of unwanted environmental pollution. Most of us cities dwellers still throw organic waste directly into a trash bin.

Communal waste is collected and transported by waste-management companies. The relocation of bio waste by garbage trucks is neither ecological nor economical –  trucks generate air and sound pollution and consume a lot of energy.

Landfills produce Methane and Carbon Dioxide, greenhouse gases that heavily pollute our environment.


It’s time for a change.

Your organic waste is simply placed in VermiGo. Through the process of vermicomposting, a nutrient rich compost and tea are produced to improve your soil and help you to grow the healthiest plants and organic food.

Introducing VermiGo

an unique combination of a vermicomposting system and a vertical garden designed for urban ecologically minded changemakers like you.

Fast Assembly and Easy Installation

VermiGo’s modular design makes assembly and installation simple and Easy.

Quality build

VermiGo is made from high grade stainless steel to deliver a quality product that is built to last.

Made locally in Europe

VermiGo is manufactured and distributed within Europe to reduce our carbon footprint and support local economies.

Ideal for most households

VermiGo modules can be combined to grow with the organic waste processing needs of most households.

Optimised for a two

A single VermiGo module is large enough to comfortably manage the organic waste produced by two.

Be green and healthy

VermiGo is a positive way to make a difference. Become part of the the solution and improve your quality of life.

VermiGo ~ Your Urban Oasis

Reuse your organic waste

VermiGo turns your organic waste into nutrient rich compost and tea for boosting the health of everything you grow.

VermiGo ~ Your Urban Oasis

Create an oasis in your kitchen or on your balcony

With VermiGo you can transform your kitchen or balcony wall into a beautiful garden oasis full of nourishment.

VermiGo ~ Your Urban Oasis

Grow fresh food

VermiGo allows you to grow a big variety of herbs, salads, vegetables or fruits.

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